We run all our surgeries by appointment only. Our Receptionists will endeavour to meet your requirements within the framework of our appointment system, however this is not always possible and you may be offered an alternative.  

Children under 5 years are always offered same day appointments.

Non-urgent advice: Please be on time

Please arrive promptly and check in at Reception.  If you are late for your appointment the staff may not be able to complete the appointment and you will be asked to rebook.

Cancelling Appointments

Please remember to cancel your appointment if you can no longer keep it, someone else may need to consult the doctor urgently.

If you are not able to attend your appointment, please cancel this as soon as possible to enable others to benefit from it.

If you need to speak to the Doctor

If you need to speak to a doctor for a non-urgent matter did you know that you can do this through PATCHS (please see the link on our home page).  There are two options clinical and non-clinical.

Reception Staff

Our fully trained receptionists will assist you in making appointments to see your Doctor, they can offer help and assistance with some matters or refer you to another clinician. They may need to ask you further details when you telephone. This is to ensure that we assist you as speedily as possible.

They are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the doctors and nurses.

Please do not blame the receptionist if she is unable to carry out your request, they are merely carrying out Doctor’s instructions, usually under difficult and demanding circumstances.

Pre-bookable Appointments

We have a small number of pre-bookable telephone appointments and also using various patient apps such including Patient Access and Doctorlink.